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–noun, plural nex·us·es, nex·us.

1.a means of connection; tie; link.

2.a connected series or group.

3.the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

So I was rethinking my blog’s purpose recently and looking for a descriptor for the kinds of “connections” technology brings to those involved in the education process, I came across the word nexus.  Nexus is one of those weird words you think you know the meaning of but then when you take a minute to look it up, you find little pearls of wisdom deep within…thank you dictionary.com.

I particularly like the first one listed above…1.a means of connection…when you get right down to the heart and soul of Education Technology it is in-fact “a means of connection”…connecting the student to the teacher…connecting the student to educational content…connecting the classroom to the world…need I continue?  I think you get the idea.

I have big plans for my blog, if nothing more than writing and sharing on a more regular basis.  I also have a couple projects in the works that I sincerely hope will have a positive impact on education technology and pedagogy at large…

so stay tuned as always…


Friends report receiving a second FB fri

Friends report receiving a second FB friend request from you. Think you’ve been hacked? Don’t panic and go changing all your passwords, it’s more likely you’ve been spoofed(see my previous post for a spoof definition) #cybersecuritymonth

A friend received an email message from

A friend received an email message from you selling “viagra” and suggests you’ve been hacked. Don’t panic & rush to change all your passwords, you have more likely been spoofed. Tell other to ignore & delete. #hackednothacked #cybersecuirtymonth

If I told you you’ve been spoofed, woul

If I told you you’ve been spoofed, would you know what I meant? Spoofs are someone attempting to represent themselves as you digitally through email, FB, etc. You have likely not been hacked, just warn your friends to ignore & delete. #cybersecuritymonth

So you got an email threatening to “exp

So you got an email threatening to “expose” your alleged , let’s say “crude” web activities unless you pay someone in something called #bitcoin? This is #Extortion and it is a crime. Don’t pay, report it! http://www.ic3.gov #cybersecuritymonth

#Ransomware involves someone holding you

#Ransomware involves someone holding your data hostage until you pay to free it via hard-to-trace bitcoin. It is facilitated by illicit software embedded in attachments or websites so click carefully to avoid becoming a victim. #cybersecuritymonth #cyberaware

Did you know #phishing attacks do not in

Did you know #phishing attacks do not involve rivers or lakes or even deep seas? But they do involve you falling hook, line and sinker for someone pretending to be someone or something they are not. Read, re-read & analyse every email! #cybersecuritymonth

No one expects to become of victim of #c

No one expects to become of victim of #cybercrime but it can happen to anyone. Learn to protect yourself by understanding #cybersecurity! #ownitsecureitprotectit #cybersecuritymonth http://ow.ly/3aM950wyLrv

We should never force our kid’s future to look like our past.

Just watched “Hard-Hitting Nature Valley Ad Shows The Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology” at https://www.mostwatchedtoday.com/nature-valley-rediscover-nature/.  Regarding kids and technology, I don’t really find anything alarming or even concerning in the video much less a “Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology”.  What I do see is a for-profit company playing on emotion to sell a product. Nature Valley is not the first company to ever do this nor will it be the last.  However, the title associated with the ad clip on this site is highly misleading and, in my professional opinion, irresponsible. There is no real evidence to support a “Terrifying Side” or any kind of addiction to technology by kids today.  What you do find is a great deal of articles written that express confirmation bias and purport to point out causal relationships between kids, technology and events when in fact what we are seeing is really a correlational relationship, if any at all.  Few mainstream media articles focus on the benefits of technology in the lives of today’s kids.

And frankly, every generation thinks the next generation is “doing it wrong”.  My parents thought that about my generation on a number of levels and I have no doubt my grandparents thought that about my parent’s generation. But we cannot stop society’s evolutionary progress…nor should we try.  Rather, let’s prepare our kids to thrive in the world that they will inevitably inherit. There will never be a future world that is less digitally connected than the world we have today.  

I highly recommend Dr. Jordan Shapiro’s book, “The New Childhood – Raising Kids To Thrive in a Connected World”.  In the book, Dr. Shapiro talks about how “sandboxes” (or similarly the forts the mother in the commercial talks about) are where kids of past generations learned social skills.  Today, those sandboxes are digital but they serve the same purpose. He says, “Don’t deny your kids the necessary opportunities to learn connected social skills in hands-on, experiential, and creative ways.”  Kids who are denied these opportunities may be less prepared for their future.

We should never force our kid’s future to look like our past…yes, Nature Valley, I am talking to you now as opposed to the site with the title given to your ad.  Nor should we, Nature Valley, exploit children for financial gain which, when you post up children and infer their existence is flawed or actually say their world is sad or scary, is what is happening in the ad.  It’s irresponsible at best.  And should we be capturing on camera parent’s and grandparent’s emotional reaction to comments that kids are making without helping the adults understand the world as it is and will be?  I don’t think so.

Now I don’t have an issue with kids playing outdoors…all the kids I’m around play outside every day.  But equally, I have no issue with kids playing in digital communities…it’s what most adults do on a daily basis, we just call it “work”. 

I do, however, have an issue with irresponsible tech shaming…and worse, kid shaming…and for profit nonetheless.  Kid’s lives are hard enough, we don’t need corporate advertisements making them feel ashamed of living in the present and enjoying it.  Or feeling wrong because they aren’t living exactly as their parents and grandparents did.  

How about this parents and grandparents, enjoy your Nature Valley granola bars AND help your kids learn to navigate their digital futures.  Be present in the lives of your kids, engage with them, work with them to understand their world and help them make sense of it…it’s really not all that different.  Please don’t end up like the adults in this Nature Valley ad video, victims of a corporate ad campaign which was allowed to portray them as disconnected parents, seemingly shocked by the responses of their own kids.  

And businesses looking to sell more product, don’t kid-shame your way to higher earnings per share…they deserve better.

I gave a practical, everybody’s #cybers

I gave a practical, everybody’s #cybersecurity talk to my #gsesdallas community & got some great feedback! In honor of #CyberSecurityMonth I will livestream my presentation in October so watch my feeds for the details! #edtech #education

On this episode of @gsesdallas inspirED,

On this episode of @gsesdallas inspirED, it’s Space Week! Hear from @GSESLibrary & @rich_overbeck about many of the awesome things that are part of #SpaceWeek like visits from @curleysu @Astro_Nicole & @astro_DonThomas ! @NASA would be proud! http://ow.ly/uSKG50uCTRZ #podcast