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–noun, plural nex·us·es, nex·us.

1.a means of connection; tie; link.

2.a connected series or group.

3.the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

Rethinking my blog’s purpose as we wrap up another school year and move into the summer.  When looking for a descriptor for the kinds of “connections” technology brings to those involved in the education process, I came across the word nexus.  Nexus is one of those weird words you think you know the meaning of but then when you take a minute to look it up, you find little pearls of wisdom deep within…thank you dictionary.com.

I particularly like the first one listed above…1.a means of connection…when you get right down to the heart and soul of Education Technology it is in-fact “a means of connection”…connecting the student to the teacher…connecting the student to educational content…connecting the classroom to the world…need I continue?  I think you get the idea.

I have big plans for my blog this summer, if nothing more than writing and sharing on a more regular basis.  I also have a couple projects in the works that I sincerely hope will have a positive impact on eduction technology and pedagogy at large…

so stay tuned…


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